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CAD Drafting 2D/3D

drawings and cad drafting services

SDEA_Engineering Solutions service is the knowledge and experience gained from many years of product development. The advanced analysis capabilities to ensure that we provide solutions to our clients and to the industrial sector. SDEA_Engineering Solutions wide range of service, from basic engineering designs, simple 2D models to complex 3D assemblies. Tools enable rapid design iterations for exploring and design optimization. Visualization tools such as animations and exploded views are powerful techniques used to enhance communication.

Engineering design support is available in the following key areas:

  • Design for manufacturing.
  • Material selection and processing.
  • Sourcing parts.
  • Rotating systems, especially high speed.
  • Transmission system (shafts, gears, couplings … etc.)
  • Bearing and lubrication systems (including gas bearings).
  • Bestpoke solutions.

Where appropriate, we can also able to subcontract and manage prototype manufacture on behalf of clients.