Why FEA?

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) based structural stress analysis is a valuable tool in the evaluation and optimisation of product designs for systems involving structural stress due to mechanical and thermal loading. CAD models of the product are used to develop a computer model of the system, which is then subjected to expected load combinations. The resulting stress distribution and structural deformation may then be obtained and used to assess design safety as well as predict the expected fatigue life of the design. For systems involving dynamic loading, FEA may also be used to obtain the dynamic response of the structure. Design guidelines and limits from relevant industry standards are used together with the FEA solutions to form an engineering judgement on the design sufficiency and identify any necessary modifications. Using FEA as part of your product design process allows for the rapid and cost effective virtual testing and optimisation of your designs. This will reduce overall product development costs, improve design performance and also give your team greater insights into how your design is likely to respond to a range of operating conditions. SDEA engineers are experienced in applying FEA to a range of industries and application areas.